CoeLux is a surreal window on the real world.

Coelux lighting systems reproduces the true effect of natural sunlight entering through the opening in the integrated ceiling, with a realistic sun perceived at infinite distance surrounded by a clear deep blue sky.

CoeLux technology is ideal for all types of architecture and has a particularly high impact in underground spaces. 

Airports, shopping malls, offices, hotels, museums, housing, even small spaces such as elevators or ship cabins can be transformed by CoeLux technology to change the way they are experienced.


An elongated artificial window that recreates natural light in indoor spaces.
CoeLux LS Matte is a long High Tech window with a blue sky and a sun with shaded edges. It is a ceiling system that can be installed individually or in modular compositions. CoeLux LS Matte is dimmable and allows you to set the intensity of the light according to the needs of the user, recreating a natural and comfortable atmosphere. Easy to install, the system can be accessed through the frame.